Why Boston is the Best

Maddie Cannavo

Journalism 1


Why Boston is the Best

Out of all of the cities in the country as well as the world, there is no place I would rather live than Boston. Everything about this city is the best. Between the weather, the restaurants, the places to visit, and most important the sports there is everything you can ever want. I could never leave this city.

Let’s talk about the weather. In Boston we experience each season, which is perfect. We have hot summers, snowy winters, lively springs, and crisp falls. Each season is perfect and as soon as you are ready for the next season to move on, it’s time. Personally, my favorite season is Fall. The leaves are changing colors, the weather starts to cool down, and the new clothes are ready to be worn. What more could you want? My favorite fall activity to do is go apple picking because it is relaxing and fun to get the newest and fresh apples.

The food is Boston is even better. We have the best restaurants and the best seafood. Whether going to Legal Sea Foods for some nice fresh fish, Mooo for a nice steak, or walk around Faneuil Hall for a gourmet coconut caramel apple. But the best restaurant in all of Boston is… Top of the Hub. They have great food and dessert but the view is the best thing about the whole restaurant. You go to the top floor of the Prudential for views on the entire city and beyond. You can see Fenway, the Zakim Bridge, and even some surrounding towns. If you are hungry in Boston, it is definitely worth the trip. I have gone recently and the food was outstanding but I kept looking at the view because it was breathtaking.

The list never ends for places to visit in Boston. To start, walking around Newbury Street and going into all the little shops is relaxing and nice. Another place to walk around is Faneuil Hall and then walk inside the market and try all different kinds of foods. I recommend stopping at the Italian Bakery and the caramel apples. Also going to Fenway Park is a classic because it is one of the most famous ballparks in the country. Touring all the colleges will make you want to stay here forever because they have everything you could ever want. And even if you just want to go to a history route, you can take the freedom trail and learn all about our founding fathers and how America became independent.

Last but not least, the sports in Boston are the best. Between all four teams, we have been doing great that past couple years. The Red Sox just won the World Series a month ago against the LA Dodgers. The Patriots have won five championships since 2002 with Tom Brady as the quarterback. The Celtics have had a strong start with their high scoring players Kyrie Irving, Jayson Tatum, and Gordon Hayward. And lastly the Bruins, my favorite team, have had an amazing start with all of the injuries the team has faced this year. Boston is known to have the best sports teams, and I have to fully agree.