Which Age Should One Stop Participating in Halloween?

Which Age Should One Stop Participating in Halloween?

                               Olivia Pasquarello October 31,2018


There should be no age that one stops participating in Halloween. Many people participate in halloween each year at all sorts of ages. Some people stop going trick-or-treating at the age of 13 and up because it’s “uncool”. Sometimes the case is that people just lose interest and want to stay home. People wont think your “uncool” if you go trick or treating if your 15 or older because on halloween many families grandparents, and aunts/uncles go and there most likely in their 50’s or older. The houses you get candy from are almost always adults passing it out sometimes even senior citizens. So everyone participates in halloween.

If you like getting scared, haunted houses, or candy in general then halloween night is just right for you. As people get older they don’t want to dress up and that’s ok. You don’t need an elaborate costume to get candy all you have to say is trick-or-treat. Your costume could be something as simple as a scary mask or your pajamas. No one will say you can’t have candy at any house if you don’t have a costume or make fun of you because of having no costume or a really elaborate costume. The people at the houses your trick or treating to have paid $20 dollars or more for candy so they want to get rid of it and most likely will even give you more than one or two pieces. Some people can’t have candy because of allergies and don’t go trick-or-treating but they should go for the experience. Even if people with allergies still go trick-or-treating and get candy there are many charities that accept halloween candy and give it to kids who couldn’t go trick or treating. Some houses don’t have candy but have a scary walk way you can walk up. Some people stay at there house and scare kids, if you like a good scare go to their house so the people who want to scare people won’t be wasting their time. It’s also good to get off your cell phone and go outside with friends and having fun time. You don’t have to go trick-or-treating for along time you can easily go for and hours or less.  Many people have halloween parties or watch scary movies instead of trick or treating because it’s too cold outside. October is always a cold month, so when people are picking out there costume they usually plan accordingly. Also if you go trick or treating, it saves you money on candy. When you go trick or treating the people at their house usually give 1-3 pieces of different candy out so if you go to 20 different houses all with different types of candy and you get 3 pieces at each house you’ll have 60 different pieces of candy. That would be way more candy that you would get in a bag and it would have way more selection than a bag from the store.

So many people of all different ages participate in halloween and are not made fun of for it and have a fun time as well. There is no excuse why people shouldn’t participate in halloween and if you don’t you’ll be missing out on all this fun!