The T-HR3

Alexander demetrius



In Tokyo City, the Toyota Motor Corporation has created a new third-generation humanoid robot that is capable of recreating the movements of a person in time with the movements of the human operator within a master maneuvering system that uses “torque sensitive servo module”, which relays to the robot how its joints should be moving

There are many different uses that the robot can assist in. One such use would be in the use of the of rescue/exploration. In the event of disaster of the need for exploration of an area that is too hazardous for a human to enter, the robot could be used as a substitute to prevent any human casualties.

The robot would also be capable of assisting those with mobility issues in their day-to-day lives, helping them with task that they would usually difficult to do by themselves.

T-HR3 is able to mimic all the movement capable of the human body