NFL’s chiefs Cut Player Seen Attacking Woman

Kyle Donahue

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NFL’s chiefs Cut Player Seen Attacking Woman

The NFL’s Kansas City Chiefs have cut one of the league’s top running backs, Kareem Hunt for an incident that was released on video from TMZ, where it showed Hunt “Brutalizes and kicks” a woman in an Ohio hotel. The video actually shows Hunt arguing with a woman in the hotel hallway and then proceeds to shove the woman several times, knocked her down to the ground and then kicking her as other people try to break the fight up.

No charges filed against Hunt at the time, and the NFL did not discipline him. The league and the Chiefs moved quickly after the video surfaced. Almost immediately, TMZ reported, the Chiefs sent Hunt home early from practice. The NFL had placed him on the Reserve or Commissioner Exempt List, which would prevent him from playing. Then, hours after the video came out the Chiefs announced that they were releasing Hunt. Hunt admitted to ESPN in an interview aired Sunday that he acted inappropriately in February. Hunt said, “Honestly, I never met the girl before besides that one time, “he recalled. “It was just a disagreement, and I honestly wanted her just to leave. Its no excuse for me to act that  way or to even put myself in that position.” An apologetic Kareem Hunt, in his first interview since his release by the Kansas City Chiefs after publication of an explosive video, said, “I was in the wrong” when he shoved and kicked a woman and that he regrets not making “the right decision to find a way to de-escalate the whole situation.” Hunt spoke in a live interview that ESPN’s Lisa Salters said he requested and told her, “I just want to let the world know how sorry I am. It’s been a tough time for me and I’m extremely embarrassed because of that video.” Hunt also came out to say “I’m definitely not that type of person. My mother raised me right. I was raised by my mom and my grandma and it was just us,” he said. “They’ve always taught me well and I know right from wrong. I’m a person who always wants to make everyone happy.” This quote explains how he should have known better than that and made the wrong decision. In releasing him, the Chiefs contended that Hunt had lied to him when they asked about the incident, not telling them about the video. “The Chiefs are right,” Hunt told Salters. “I didn’t tell them everything. I don’t blame them for anything. My actions caused this. I wish I could apologize to them and let them know there’s no hard feelings between me and the Chiefs. I love the program and the people there. I just want to take this time to better myself.” This is another bad call from Hunt because it seems he keeps digging himself a deeper hole with all these incidents that keep getting added to the main situation. This could affect him heavily with trying to get on another team if more information keeps getting out to the public and such. Overall Hunt faced the consequences and will hopefully learn from this huge mistake.