Maddie Cannavo

Journalism 1


Going to the movies is one of my favorite activities. I usually go with my friends or my family and we see all types of movies, just not scary. I don’t understand watching a movie that will scare me when I can just watch one that will make me laugh. The past couple of months, I have seen many movies and I am here to explain what they were and how they were. I have seen many movies so I know what the best are.

Let’s start with A Star Is Born. Starring Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga which is the fourth remake of this classic movie. Bradley Cooper wrote the music and produced the movie, which was his first time ever. Also this was Lady Gaga’s first time acting and she nailed it. I loved this movie and everything about it. The music was well written and the voices were even better. I give this movie a 9 stars out of 10 only because the ending was super sad and unexpected. It turned from a happy and uplifting movie to a sad and depressing ending. But other than that, the movie was excellent and well directed. If I had to guess, this movie will win awards.

The next movie is Instant Family. This movie starring Mark Wahlberg and Rose Byrne. It was about two married people, living their life but they feel that something is missing. They decide to go to a foster family support group and they make the decision to become foster parents. They plan on just bringing one child in, but in reality they take on three because they took in siblings. This was a huge change because going from no children to three is a big difference.  Also all throughout the movie, there was humor which made it better. I was laughing the entire time which made me enjoy the movie even more. I give this movie a 10 out of 10 because everything about it was perfect. There was not one part of the movie when I was bored so that’s always a plus.

The last movie that I am going to talk about it Creed 2. I saw it two days ago and it was very well done. Michael B Jordan looked very good in the movie which probably made me enjoy it a little more. It is based on the Rocky series and then it changed into the Creed series because Rocky trains Apollo Creed’s son. This movie deals with a situation that happened in one of the Rocky movies. I am not going the say it because it will be a surprise. Whether you have been a fan of Rocky movies forever or just wanted to see a movie, this is a great one. I give it a 8 out of 10 only because some of the characters were annoying in the movie. Everything else was very well done.

Overall, all three of these movies were wicked good and I recommend seeing them. No matter if you think about the genre of the movies, I believe that you will enjoy these movies. Just give them a try.