Migrants are heading for U.S.A

Migrants are heading for U.S.A

                                                                  Olivia Pasquarello october 24,2018

For the past 2 weeks in protest of American and Mexican governments, a caravan of central american undocumented migrants are traveling on foot from the city Honduras Mexico to the U.S . Since Honduras is known for a lot of violence, officials think the undocumented migrants are leaving to get a fresh start in the U.S with money and good employment. First the caravan went from San Pedro Sula to esquipulas on october twelfth through fifteenth, then they went from esquipulas and crossed the border by the Suchiate river to Tecún Umán on october seventeenth, the last spot they were at was Tapa Chula in mexico. The caravan started with less than two hundred people then increasing to one-thousand  to four-thousand people growing to seven thousand two hundred people as more join them along the way. Everyone has different plans on where they want to go. Some people want a fresh start others just want to be out of mexico with protection south of the border or some people want to get away from the violence but will still stay in mexico.

Trump is furious about this caravan because one of his main things as president is to stop illegal immigrants from coming in the U.S and this is going against what he is saying. They are still building the wall but need more money to do it so at the moment it’s a unguarded fence, enabling people are able to pass through. The amount of percentage for illegal border crossing went down forty percent last year, but this year numbers are slowly increasing again. He assumes that there are criminals, drug gangs, and terrorists coming over the border will threaten american citizens and undocumented immigrants will make economic dislocation and job loss. Trump is doing everything in his power to stop this, he even threatened to shut down the southwest border   of the united states. Some people heard this and don’t want to stop others feared what trump might do and stopped along the way.

So far the migrants have traveled a few thousand miles.  There currently in Huixtla Mexico. Some sources say they could be weeks away from the U.S border. From images of the caravan, it looks like they haven’t brought much. But some have brought back packs with food, blankets, money, and water. Officials were watching there every step on the roads and a police even helicoptered over them but the officials did nothing to stop them.  When the immigrants were coming close to the border officials had the ability from trump administration and mexican officials to aid them to turn back and apply legally for immigration status or seek protection south of the border. Recently there is more people. Just yesterday another migrant caravan started just to avoid traffickers (people who charged thousands of dollars for illegal passage in the U.S.). This group has a goal to meet at the mexican border just like the first Carvan did.  This group is smaller than than the first caravan but it’s much bigger than when the first caravan started.