Middleboro High School Ultimate Frisbee Team

Ryan Plausky

Journalism 2

October 26, 2018

Middleboro High School Ultimate Frisbee Team

The 2018 Middleboro High School Ultimate Frisbee team, who have won multiple state championships in the past, are coached by Joshua Quackenbush, “Quack”. With the season upcoming, the team hopes to yet again have another successful year. Middleboro’s success this year will mainly be generated from captains Ashley Curtain, Erin Egersheim, and Jayden Carvoeiro. Jayden Carvoeiro, being a junior captain this year, will be a huge apart of the team for the next 2 years and has always been an overall hard-working kid. Also being a huge part of team are seniors Julian Dejesus, Skyla Carrasquilla, and Emmet Sullivan. For the last 4 years, all of the seniors have been outstanding role models and have made a positive impact on the team. Due to there positive impact on the team, they have not only inspired underclassmen to be like them but have set guidelines for the team and expectations for upcoming years.