Listen Up: Episode 4 – January 2017

Produced January 10, 2017

Write Up: Erin Mealey

Anchor Isabella Perry hosted Middleborough Educational Television Production’s fourth episode of “Listen Up,” in which details highlights from December and early January. Perry introduces the episode by detailing a steadied focus on winter sports. The Middleboro High School sports teams have had impressive seasons that are highlighted via the broadcast.

1:03 – “Ice Hockey vs Dighton-Rehoboth” by Sam Lynn

4:51 – “Ice Hockey vs Rockland” by Sean Hart
6:27 – “Hockey Season Highlight” by Serina Grant

On January 8,  Middleboro/Hull Hockey played against Dighton-Rehoboth, detailed in an impressive highlight reel crafted by Sam Lynn. The game began with Dighton-Rehoboth gaining an early lead, then tying in the first quarter with 1:30 left. D-R jumps ahead, leading 2-1 with nine minutes remaining in the second period. An early third period goal from D-R brought the score to 3-1. Middleboro junior Dylan Rees scored at the 10 minute mark, followed by MIddleboro senior Kevin Donahue tying the game 30 seconds later. Donahue assisted by seniors Nick Sclafani, and Matt Doyle put Middleboro/Hull in the lead, securing a win of 4-3.
6:39 – “Boys Basketball vs Cohasset” by Levi Michaelis

10:15 – “Boys Basketball vs Canton” by Jacob Starr

In other sports news, the boys basketball team played against Cohasset on December 23, nearly pulling off the upset. Levi Michaelis created an energetic highlight reel displayed in the broadcast. Dom Rossi and Jason Bean lead MHS to a 13-12 lead at the start. Cohasset provides a 19-13 lead, followed by a 15-4 run to take the 34-19 lead. In the third period, the Sachems brought the score to 47-37. With about three minutes left, the Sachems were down 49-43. Middleboro unfortunately suffered a loss. On December 29, boys basketball played against Canton, illustrated by an entrancing highlight reel by Jacob Starr. Canton lead 14-9 after the first period. They sustained the lead of 42-19 at the half. In the third quarter, Canton lead 59-32, securing the win of 84-44 for the Bulldogs.

11:35 – “Girls Basketball vs North Quincy” by Leanne Robinson

15:36 – “Girls Basketball Season Highlight” by Hannah Melendy

Alongside the boys basketball team, the girls basketball team has had quite an impressive season. On December 16, the girls basketball team versed North Quincy, detailed in an engaging highlight reel by Leanne Robinson.The Lady Sachems made a comeback after trailing 10-1, with North Quincy in the lead at the half, 14-10. The lead was cut to 16-13, with North Quincy in the 4th quarter at a 20-15 lead. The North Quincy Raiders took home the 28-20 win, with MHS senior Lauren Empey leading with eleven points. The Lady Sachems had a record of 3-5 as of the time the broadcast was created. Hannah Melendy captures the hard work and buzz of the season through an appealing highlight reel.

17:14 – “Swimming vs Cohasset” by Hunter Siedentopf

20:00 – “Diving Highlight” by Brandon Buote

In swimming news, on December 22, Middleboro/Whitman Hanson held a swim meet versus Cohasset. The Sachems unfortunately could not pull of a win, however, many swimmers beat their personal records. Middleboro girls swim lost to Cohasset, 102-66. Carissa Chane (200 IM), Madison Studley (200 fly)  and Olivia Shaw(in the 50) took 2nds. Boys swim lost 74-73 to Cohasset, with Tylar Morano and John Boersdamm in first. Hunter Siedentopf  illustrated the meet through an artistic highlight reel.
21:44 – “Boys Wrestling Update” by Joe Escolas
22:48 – “Boys Wrestling vs Rockland” by Madison Walgreen

The Middleboro Wrestling team is halfway through their season. Justin Escolas wrote a story about the wrestling team that is detailed over a highlight reel. Team captain Parker Ward detailed that they are “making great progress” and everybody is developing “the skills they need to be successful.” When asked what Ward has learned from wrestling throughout the past 4 years, he details that he has taken away the lesson of “Work[ing] hard above all else,” which captures the persistence and strength required for the team’s success. On January 4, the boys wrestling team went up against Rockland, detailed by a highlight reel crafted by Madison Walgreen. Middleboro’s Ethan Matos scored with 4:00 left in the first period, with Rockland scoring halfway through the 2nd, securing a 2-1 lead. Boys wrestling suffered a tough loss against Rockland.

The winter sports teams of Middleboro High School will continue to lead impressive seasons, leading the way to achievement of skills and understanding of dedication that will benefit them in their current games and beyond.

Anchor: Isabel Perry
Director: Hannah Melendy
Technical Director: Megan Doherty
Audio Operator: Serina Grant
Prompter Operator: Brandon Buote
Camera / Floor Manager: Joe Escolas
Editor: Mikenna Conley
Associate Producers: Mikenna Conley & Hunter Siedentopf
Producer: Sean Siciliano
Executive Producer: Adam Pelletier

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