Leftover Halloween Candy

Julia Fitzpatrick


Leftover Halloween Candy

Not only is Halloween fun and exciting, it is also the most awkward holiday. To begin, children dress up and walk the streets asking strangers for candy… exactly what we tell them not to do. Not only is it awkward because of the begging for candy, but also because Halloween is only fun for certain groups of people. The first category is obviously children who have fun trick or treating, the next group is parents who have fun dressing up their children and taking them trick or treat and lastly college students who get to wear minimal clothing and get as drunk as possible without looking like alcoholics.

Despite the awkwardness of Halloween, Halloween is a night where people get free candy, which isn’t so bad until your child develops a stomach ache and you still have a pillow case and a half of candy left. Nobody in their right mind would want to throw away their free candy, so what should you do with it? Create more sugary treats to keep your kids up all night obviously! There are so many recipes on youtube and on the internet that utilize leftover candy but some of them are downright awful, but this one was amazing.

Snickers Poke Brownies , to me there is nothing better than a snickers bar. Not too chocolatey, not too much caramel and a nice crunch from the peanuts. This recipe although my favorite is very useless to me…because I would never in a million years have snickers bars left over. Nonetheless, this was my favorite recipe. This recipe is extremely easy and effortless, you can kick back, make these, and serve them knowing they will surely please anyone, but make sure to make 2 batches, they are that good. All you need is a box of brownie mix (or your own recipe), caramel sauce, chocolate chips, heavy cream and chopped snickers. You first make the brownies like normal and then of course poke holes in the brownie. You then poor the caramel on top and chill the treat for a half hour. Once chilled, make a chocolate ganache with the heavy cream and chocolate and put the snickers pieces (and I put crushed peanuts) on top and well- ahh you have created a Halloween candy masterpiece.

This dish is not only easy but absolutely delicious, the dish has every element of a snickers while still remaining a dessert. When you bit into the brownie, you have the crunch of the peanuts (if you choose to use them) (use them) and the ooey gooey deliciousness of the ganache and caramel, what more could you want?

Obviously you can make this dish at anytime and the candy doesn’t have to be from Halloween but if you do need to get rid of some candy I definitely recommend this simple delicacy. If you aren’t into this dish or are too lazy to make this you could always sit in your bed and eat the candy by yourself…but that is way more depressing than eating a snickers poke brownie dessert by yourself, just saying.