Is Online Learning as good as Face-to-Face Learning?

Aidan Carey

Journalism I

November 1st, 2018


Is Online Learning as good as Face-to-Face Learning?

As time continues to move forward, online school is becoming more and more popular while the traditional style of school is not. Many people wonder what’s better and aren’t quite sure. Online has its advantages, but no one earns nearly as good of an education as the traditional teacher in a class with students style. Traditional learning is the better way to receive the best education possible.

The first reason why Traditional learning is better is because its way easier to interact with your teachers. If you had a question about homework, would you want to an hour and possibly more for a response back online? Or would it be easier to walk up to the teacher and get what you need to know within a minute? Not only this, but face-to-face interaction is way easier to ask follow up questions if you need them, compared to waiting a certain time again.

Learning visually and verbally in the traditional style learning is also beneficial. Listening to a teacher talk, and seeing their examples, (if any) will be way better for your brain than learning by yourself, reading off of a screen for hours and hours a day. Some people like that way, but it’s simply not as advantageous.





Traditional learning also gives you the opportunity to socialize with other students and peers. This helps practice life skills such as communication and cooperation. Being able to be educated in the same environment as others is better because it’s easier to be motivated by the people around you. Motivation is still possible through online education, but it is certainly harder to be self-motivated through a screen. This leads into the many distractions that can occur. Everything today is about the internet. Maybe you get caught up with a video, or some type of ad. Did an ad pop up that interests you? Is that bike you’ve always wanted on sale? Can you just not bare to roam that bike website to see all their deals when you should be doing schoolwork? This is why going to school in a classroom is better. There is a teacher or professor that monitors you, to keep you on task. It is much harder to keep yourself on task when no one else can.

On the other hand, online learning does have its benefits. Maybe you are somebody who is always on the move and you literally can’t go to classes. Your only option left is to take the classes online. This is good for somebody who travels a lot, or maybe you are too sick or injured to physically go to school. Online school also teaches self-discipline and responsibility in a way. You have to do things on your own. You aren’t always constantly reminded that this is due tomorrow, or that this assignment is late. But will you really benefit from being basically all on your own?

Choose to stay in school and receive the best education you can. There are circumstances where online school is the only option, but if you have the choice, go to class. You will have the privilege to learn and socialize with friends at the same time. Regular school is an overall better option than online schooling.