Is it  good that the NBA decided to have captions pick their team for All-Star game

Latrell Cook   Is it  good that the NBA decided to have captions pick their team for All-Star game

October 29th



Yes it’s a good thing that the NBA decided to have captions for the team and have the captions pick the teams. I think it’s good because instead of the East vs West every year it’s something different to look forward to and to have fun with the game. I like how the caption pick the play that they want and then they explain why they pick that player to be on there team. Like last year when lebron pick John Wall to be on his team and then Lebron was asked why did you pick Wall to be on your team Lebron had responded with saying i picked because he is a great player with a lot of talent and is very fast with the ball in this hands and can get to the rim at any time and knows the game of basketball like the back of his hand. I also like it because it gives the NBA players a chance to combine together as one team and have fun before they have to go up against each other in the playoffs. Also I like how the WEST and EAST get to come together and have fun playing on the same and get to show off their talents and make the game fun for the kids to watch to show them hard and talent pays off if you want to achieve your dreams or has KD says AKA Kevin Durant “Hard work beats talent when talent feel to work hard”.  I feel like that is one of the best quotes for a kid that wants to do anything that they want to do and i think if someone is struggling and they heard that quote that would change their attitude and would give them enough convince to get up and try try try again until they get to where they want to go in life and then one day they will look back on that quote and be like if KD uses that quote and look where he is then i remember where i was and then i heard that quote and it changed my life. But switching up the teams in the All-Star game is just exciting because for so long in the NBA history where the All-Star game was EAST VS WEST and for a while in history the EAST would get killed in the game almost every year and it was terrible because for the EAS every year to watch their team get destroyed over and over just isn’t healthy. So yes I do agree with the NBA for letting the EAST and WEST join together as one.