How Young is too Young to Own a Phone?

How Young is too Young to Own a Phone?

November 14, 2018

Cora Pereira


Children have been given Phones as a gift from parents for years, But how old should they be to have the responsibility? Children above the age of Eleven should be allowed to have a Phone.


Any age below eleven I feel is too irresponsible and immature. Children always ask for new technology for christmas because they are advertised everywhere.


Not to mention some parents give their children phones around age 8 or 9. This I feel is a huge issue that must be addressed.


Children having access to social media at such a young age sounds like an awful idea. Having a phone that is able to call 911 and home is much more appropriate and safe for children under age Eleven.


Once kids have access to social media they also open up new doors to unsafe privileges. Kids haven’t learned about the consequences of their actions, and do not yet have the maturity to own up to mistakes and prevent them.


Kids are being put in danger of sexual predators on the internet, cyberbullying, and social media standards that drop self esteem. Not having an Iphone until an appropriate age can prevent these.


Sexual predators make fake accounts and harass your child or even trick them into giving them inappropriate information about themselves. Every predator is within arms length on phones.


Cyberbullying is another threat when giving a child a phone. They are now reachabe at every hour, and anyone who wishes to harass them has the opportunity to do it from their own home.


Social media poses another issue for phone use. These kids have been sheltered from social media standards of what makes someone attractive, popular, or successful.


These new standards can cause a lot of stress or low self esteem. As they start to enter their teens they are going to need as much self confidence as possible. Why would we provide something that makes them worry about their self image?


Having a phone is also an addiction. They will be distracted with new games, and new people and will start to leave out important responsibilities like school and homework.


School is their only responsibility and they will neglect it for time on their phones. Phones should only be given to kids after they have proven that they have the maturity to keep up with academic and health needs.


For younger ages they should be given a phone with no internet that can only call the police and home. They have the capability to get in touch with their parents if needed, and if they are in need of the police they also have that option.


Safety for kids is top priority for parents along with their child’s happiness.Giving your child a  phone as they start to mature is a great thing, and allows them to prove they are responsible.


They can keep in contact with friends, family, and have the opportunity to play games and find out information with the press of a button. So I believe that kids above age eleven should be able to own phones.