High School Sports

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Erika Early

November 1,2018


Throughout the United States nearly 8 million students play a high school sport yet, 480,000 of them will compete at NCAA schools.

When it comes to the topic of high school sports, most of us will readily agree they are embedded in American schools. Where this agreement usually ends, however, is on the question of ifs the role is benefiting or hurting students.  While some are convinced that they are damaging to students education, others believe that they are beneficial to students’ social skills, physical health, and long-term outcomes. I believe that playing sports in High school will truly benefit kids.

As most of us know sports are a great source of exercise, as well as the most common. They help build up endurance and improve strength. High school sports have been shown to cause multiple positive health outcomes.These medical outcomes are such a common factor throughout the world and  especially obesity,which plays a major role in the United States. A study from 2015 was shown to prove that 88% of parents stated high school sports benefited their child’s physical health. The idea of high school sports is highly recommended by healthcare professionals as it truly helps ones well being.

High school sports have also helped many students learn new and should also improve their social skills. A study from 2015 has shown that 81% of parents say sports have taught their child discipline or dedication. Throughout sports you work hard and learn that it’s not easy. To be the best, you truly have to work. Through this experience you meet many new people, and understand how important collaboration is.  From my own personal experience I know some of my best friends I’ve met are from sports. Participating in high school sports made me a lot more social as well as closer with upperclassmen. High school sports give you personality traits you wouldn’t necessarily think. They build your character and give you a different insight on certain situations.

On the other hand, some believe high school sports are drastically hurting students education. Once sports are involved, there is less time taken out of students schedules for homework or other school activities. This benefits students on account of the fact that it teaches them time management and betters their organization. These are skills that a child must know in order to be successful in his or her future as it will give them a strong work ethic.While some may think sports distract and are more important than academics, they actually benefit a students education.A person is more likely to get into a good college if they have played a sport in high school. It shows that they have the right social skills and determination for the future.

The controversy of high school sports is never ending. This activity truly benefits students. It improves their health, betters their social skills and gives a positive future outcome. Although it may be stressful at times high school sports is an activity students will not regret.