Bella Ruggiero

October 25, 2018

Halloween has been a holiday celebrated commonly in the United States. It is a night to deck out in a scary costume, and have fun. Most importantly, it is a time to get TONS of candy in your neighborhood. Though Halloween is participated in by all ages, some people miss the entire purpose of the 31st of October. The idea of Halloween at college is extremely different in compared to a Halloween in a small like Middleboro. Though that is true. The gap between the two grows smaller and smaller each year. Kids our age do not even trick or treat anymore, and it is not even about getting candy or trading with your friends. It is just about opposite now.

  Girls these days are so focused on looking the best, and most importantly, wearing the most revealing costume they can find. Whether it is a police officer, an angel, a dog, or some other random costume, there is always somehow some twist on the costume. Yes, dogs do not wear shirts, but as a human being, I think you should! Clothes are a necessity 364 days a year, but for girls fourteen years old and up, there is some nonexisting rule that the bare minimum will suffice just fine.

   These teenagers of the era went from dressing up as Disney princesses and witches at four years old, to dressing up as a bunny, or worse. These typical costumes have become a standard for most girls in their teenage years. No one can simply walk out of their house in a cute costume that their mom helped them pick out. I know that if I told my mom I was wearing a nun costume, she would expect the long cloak and such. I am not even sure if that type of nun costume is sold anymore. Girls wear wesh tops, bras, a SHORT skirt that some may not even consider to be a skirt. It might even resemble a belt more. Overall, the idea of a halloween becomes a morbid way to dress up for this fun holiday.

   Most are guilty of participating in this poor behavior on Halloween than not. Even people I know, good people, just because of the reputation Halloween has picked up over the years. When I was little I dressed up as a princess, or as a vampire, or a cat, or some costume that I knew I would love. Now, because I am older, and more mature, it is frowned upon to get really into a costume. For example, in mean girls when Katy dresses up in a genuine Halloween costume at a party, she gets the weirdest looks from everyone around her. All the other girls are wearing stupid costumes. Karen dressed up as a mouse. Some people were dressed as cats. The most BASIC, unthoughful costume in the game. If you are dressed as a cat, there is no way you reallly care about Halloween, you are just there for the party. Overall, society has truly disreguarded the true meaning of Halloween and disguised it as a way to dress up with minimal clothing.