Does Technology Make People Feel Alone?

Technology makes everyone feel alone at one point or another in their life no matter where in the globe you are. The real question is why does technology make us feel lonely?

Technology is currently the cause of many problems. One of these problems is loneliness and depression. Loneliness not only affects teenagers, but everyone at any age who uses technology consistently.

People of all ages can be affected socially by technology. Technology especially today has become a substitute for human interaction. People years ago were much more social with their peers.

Computers, phones, gaming systems, and much more contribute to the lack of interaction between people today. People today avoid social interaction as a way to avoid social judgement.

The fear of being judged gives people an excuse to hide behind a screen for the rest of their lives. The avoidance of human interaction however causes loneliness.

Apps like messenger, skype, google hangouts, and much more allow people to talk over technology.

There is no need to talk face to face when you could message someone over a digital chat room accessible to the public. There is no commitment or need to leave their homes! This is exactly the problem.

Instead of physically leaving the house people just use social media or technology to keep in touch with peers. They are not connecting with the outside world and are not leaving their homes.

People need human interaction to be happy! This has been proven by psychologists all over the globe. In order to live a successful and fulfilling life, we as human beings need social interaction.

Using devices like Alexa or online shopping as an everyday tool for living life is a huge issue. Using apps like Ebay, Amazon, and so much more contribute to people being unhappy and disconnected.

People are shopping from the comfort of their homes, and although it’s easier to stay home and watch tv or be with family, people need to get out of the house and have new human interaction.

Using laptops can make people lonely and depressed due to the lack of human interaction. Replacing people by using skype or facetime is not a good way to keep in touch.

We should be actively meeting these people out in the world or go to their house. Just actually seeing that person in real life makes a huge difference in human emotion and productivity.

Many things can contribute to loneliness in an age of technology. There is so much we can do from home and easier ways to keep in touch. Technology in small amounts can be a useful tool.

Overusing this tool causes our minds to grow bored and lonely, and also leads to bad coping skills and social skills. The way to cure this is simple. Actively going outside and using these skills will help.

In an age of technology putting down your laptop or phone can be a struggle for many people. Especially teens and people in their twenties and thirties.

However putting down technology and giving your brain a social interaction can help you immensely. The way to stop ongoing depression and loneliness due to technology is to have human interaction and connections.