Bus Crash Leaves 45 Injured and a Child Dead

On Monday at 2:40 am a youth football team from Memphis was heading home from there championship game in Dallas texas, on a charter bus. While heading back the driver was said to lose control  of the wheel or overturned on an exit according to troopers. The bus rolled off the interstate 30 west of Benton. Over 45 people were injured and left 9 year old Kameron Johnson dead. The kids and got treated at hospitals in little rock and benton. When police arrived the scene almost everyone who was in shock or stunned was out of the bus.

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The bus company was from Somerville Tennessee. This charter company hasn’t had any crashes in the past two years. Last July they were finned $3,490 for  allowing a driver to drive a truck without a correct license. Officials are questioning if the driver did this intentionally or because of fatigue. The driver was 66 year old Eula Jarrett who says she lost control of the wheel.

The kids on the bus were accompanied by chaperones but were mostly 6-13 year olds. Three kids who got badly injured were his classmates. The school has provided grief counselors for students. The coach said that the loss of Cameron is going to be hard to heal from.

The team might do their best next season because of this tragedy. Football is a team sport and with out a teammate everything could go wrong. If there was no quarterback in football who would be hike the ball and start off a play. Every player is on that team for a reason and everyone of them is needed to help win a game. All of them most likely gave it their all in the season and that’s why they they worked as a team to get to go to championships. With Cameron gone there will be a sort of emptiness with the team because won’t be the same. But the boys will have to work just as hard to do what they did this season for next season which is make it to championships.

Most of the people injured had shock or were stunned and didn’t go to the hospital. Most injuries were near the brain, skull, and broken bones everywhere. Twenty two out of twenty six kids went to the hospital but weren’t admitted. Four of those kids got admitted into the hospital.

The kids were from Orange Mound which is stated to be a low income town. Most parents signed their kids up for this program because it keeps the kids out of drugs and it teaches the kids good character and how to stay out of trouble.