10 Reasons Why Cell Phones Shouldn’t Be Allowed In School

  1. Destraction

  • While Cell phones are in your hands all day, notifications will constantly go off. You’re forced to looked without even realizing.  Students get distracted all throughout the day without even noticing they are. All of the information from their teachers go in one ear out of the other, and forget everything they were taught. Many time students will have games on their phones and think about passing a level and try and try thinking they will get it done and then work, but without even noticing by the time they finish a level the class is about to be done and you have no work done.

  1. Grades Falling

  • When kids are on their phones for most of their days, they don’t do work and grades drop dramatically. When you look at your phone it usually takes about 5 minutes to focus again on whatever they were doing before. Information is not being stored in your brain so work can’t be done.

  1. Can cause students to get upset

  • With the rate of Cyberbullying going up many kids will get picked on over social media and continue looking at different things throughout the day and get upset and not be able to concentrate on their work. Also, say you and a friend or a boyfriend/Girlfriend get in an argument, you’re going to be more worried about that than your school work.

  1. Homework

  • If kids are constantly on their phones at school, then what makes you think they’re not going to do the same thing at home. If they’re distracted throughout the day and not doing work in school, homework is less likely to get done at home. Grades constantly drop because of students doing school work, but even more because of homework. If Cell phones weren’t allowed in school, students may at least be able to get their work done in school and could reduce homework.

  1. Escape route

  • Many times when a student doesn’t get something or just doesn’t want to do it, they’ll go to their phone instead of asking for help or explanation. By this point students don’t even care about their work. So they just forget about it.

  1. Disrespect

  • When a teacher is talking and teaching a lesson to students, and many are on there phones while few are trying to learn, these kids on the phone are distracting the other. Even without sound being on, if you’re playing a game or watching a video on silent, most of the time someone else will catch a glimpse and not be able to stop looking back. This is disrespecting your teacher who is taking time out of their day to teach you and help you while you’re on your phone.

  1. Preparing for life

  • Nowadays you need to go to college and have an education to “succeed” in life. With the cost of college and the requirements to get into a college it it so hard to get a scholarship to get into it. You need good grades and to be there, and if students are on their phones throughout the school day, they’re losing their education. Also if students are also on their phones all night their not getting enough sleep and showing up late to school, then just going right back on your phone right when they get to school. Cell phones are ruining students education, which is the only thing to really be successful in life right now.

  1. Cheating

  • As said before, kids are getting distracted and not paying attention, so when it comes to taking a test they have no idea what the answers are so many students will cheat and not even learn anything. If a student is cheating they’re not learning anything and once again getting into a college becomes even harder.

  1. Cyber bullying

  • With the amount of social media and the amount of kids using these apps, there is many people who are immature and use it just to bully people. So if kids are getting picked on over social media, their phone is constantly going off with people being rude to them, which is taking away their learning time. Same with the people on the other side. Some students will be so immature where instead of worrying about their school work their taking their time to go onto social media and make posts or text another student just to bully them because of how someone is. This is probably one of the worst distraction for a kid, it can cause depression, where you won’t even want to get out of bed to go to school.  From experience, getting bullied through social media definitely takes a tole on a student, it is always there for the world to see, and then everyone talks. It can cause you to not even care about your life anymore, which is just ruining a students education because of someone else’s immaturity.

  1. Social life

  • I believe a students social life is very important. It teaches kids to interact with people for when they have a job later in life. Students being locked into their phones all day long, they don’t even realize there is a real world out there. Social interaction isn’t just texting, it’s going out and verbally talking to someone.  Many times, without a real social life it can also cause depression, it can make someone think they have no friends and no one likes them, but in reality it’s because they’re always on their phones instead of going out and actually trying to connect with someone.