How is an Average Senior Affected By COVID-19?

Is Graduation postponed? Are we going to have Senior Finals? Senior Week? Have the College Deadlines changed? What about my Graduation party? Am I even going to have the credits I need to have to graduate from High School? These are all questions that every Senior in High School, sitting

MET News: January 18-February 14, 2019

MET News: Episode 105 00:51 - The Lead: Alumni College Fair by Emily Parziale 02:19 - Commercial: Feedbag by Ryley Martin 03:12 - Commercial: Type of Mind by Hannah St. John 04:13 - Commercial: Mind Mints by Larissa Vieira 04:44 - MET Sports: Evan Gwozdz Essay Contest Winner 06:14 - Swimming and Diving Update 06:53 - Sachem

MET – Flix: Shorts, Sports, Special Effects

Host: Joe Escolas Shorts 0:29 - "Screech" by Kyle Maloney, Chris Cogan, Matt Desrosiers 2:45 - "Knockings" by Laura Hatch 7:48 - "Waiting Room" by Chase Holyoke 12:40 - "Goodbye" by Emily Parziale, Julian Hashem, Tristen Gomes 17:25 - "Lady in White" by Sarah Bourget Sports 19:16 - "MHS Diving" by Declan Hastings 21:22 - "MHS Soccer" by Eric

Red Sox  vs. Yankees

Red Sox  vs. Yankees Eric Grady May 8th-10th,2018 “Breaking: The Yankees have traded for Marlins Outfielder Giancarlo Stanton.” This was the sound of sports networks across the country. There is one thing they did not say, that they were thinking, “ The Red Sox’s reign on top of the American League East Division

Philadelphia 76ers vs. Boston Celtics

Philadelphia 76ers vs. Boston Celtics Eric Grady May 4th, 2018         “3...2...1, The Boston Celtics win their first-round series against the Milwaukee Bucks.” This was the sound of Tommy Heinsohn and Mike Gorman, the regular announcers for the Boston Celtics after a Game 7 win for the Celtics in Round 1. On Tuesday,

Top 10 Things to Do During: Winter Break

Eric Grady March 2, 2018   Last week we talked about numbers 10 through number 6 on my list of things to do during Winter Break. Number 10 was “Have a Snowball fight!” This was number 10 because it is not the first thing you think of during Winter Break but