“Unified Basketball at Middleborough High School” Winner of the MIAA 2019 Sportsmanship Multimedia Contest

Congratulations to Middleborough High School television production IV student, Chris Cogan, for winning the 2019 MIAA Sportsmanship Multimedia Contest for his video, "Unified Basketball at Middleborough High School". Chris was honored by the MIAA at the 26th Annual Sportsmanship Summit at Gillette Stadium on Friday, November 22. https://twitter.com/i/status/1197882460207550465

MET – Flix: Shorts, Sports, Special Effects

Host: Joe Escolas Shorts 0:29 - "Screech" by Kyle Maloney, Chris Cogan, Matt Desrosiers 2:45 - "Knockings" by Laura Hatch 7:48 - "Waiting Room" by Chase Holyoke 12:40 - "Goodbye" by Emily Parziale, Julian Hashem, Tristen Gomes 17:25 - "Lady in White" by Sarah Bourget Sports 19:16 - "MHS Diving" by Declan Hastings 21:22 - "MHS Soccer" by Eric

Listen Up Episode 2: October 2017

00:58 - Homecoming Dance by Gil Araujo 02:17 - Jimmy Fund Walk by Nicky Hart 04:27 - How to Video by Eden Eugenio 07:04 - How to Video by Aileen Peddie 11:33 - How to Video by Emily Parziale 12:21 - How to Video by Evan Parker 13:20 - Volleyball Vs Norwell by Courtney Roberts 14:31 -