MET – Flix: Shorts, Sports, Special Effects

Host: Joe Escolas Shorts 0:29 - "Screech" by Kyle Maloney, Chris Cogan, Matt Desrosiers 2:45 - "Knockings" by Laura Hatch 7:48 - "Waiting Room" by Chase Holyoke 12:40 - "Goodbye" by Emily Parziale, Julian Hashem, Tristen Gomes 17:25 - "Lady in White" by Sarah Bourget Sports 19:16 - "MHS Diving" by Declan Hastings 21:22 - "MHS Soccer" by Eric

TV Pro at the Movies: Episode 3 – Shorts, Sports, Special FX

Featuring Shorts, Sports, and Special Effects videos produced for the 2017 MOVE Contest. Shorts 00:53 - "Interviewed" by Chase Holyoke, Sean Rutledge, and Hunter Siedentopf 06:08 - "April 7th" by Hannah Stearns 09:51 - "Paranormal Ersatz" by Shannon Hurley 11:57 - "Do You Remember What You Did to Me?" by Courtney Roberts and Kyle Maloney 15:03